CD: Mysticism and Sound Magic: Piano Music by Alexander Scriabin. Vol. 2

CD: Mysticism and Sound Magic: Piano Music by Alexander Scriabin. Vol. 2

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Manufacturer: Daniel Fritzen (Pianist)

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Product information "CD: Mysticism and Sound Magic: Piano Music by Alexander Scriabin. Vol. 2"

Alexander Scriabin: Piano Music

Vol. 2: Nature Mysticism and Soul Flight

German booklet

Sonata No. 2 op. 19, Poèmes op. 32, Morceaux op. 45, Préludes op. 48, Morceaux op. 51, Poèmes op. 69, Poèmes op. 71, Danses op. 73, Sonata No. 10 op. 70


Sonata No. 2 "Sonate-Fantaisie" op. 19 I.
Sonata No. 2 "Sonate-Fantaisie" op. 19 II.
Poèmes op. 32
Morceaux op. 45
Préludes op. 48
Morceaux op. 51
Poèmes op. 69
Poèmes op. 71
Danses op. 73
Sonata Nr. 10 op. 70

Daniel Fritzen

The sensitive touch of the German pianist Daniel Fritzen brings the mystic dimension of Scriabin's piano music into life. The "nature mysticism" of the two piano sonatas invokes scenerys of the ocean (2nd sonata) and the forest (10th sonata), whereas the sound element of a "soul flight" expresses the human longing for metaphysical revelation in Scriabin's irresistibly individual tone languae.


His playing was described by the newspaper as a “challenge for the instrument” in the sense that his ability to create fine color shadings even exceeded the abilities of a concert Steinway.


Daniel Fritzen, born 1978 near Frankfurt (Germany), had the strong wish to learn piano at the age of five. In order to know different approaches to piano playing, he later chose teachers from different schools and traditions: At the age of fifteen, he joined the studio of Karl-Heinz Kämmerling in Hannover. From 2000 to 2006, he studied piano at the “Musikhochschule Lübeck”, first with Konstanze Eickhorst, later with Konrad Elser. In October 2007, Daniel came to UCLA for doctoral studies with Vitaly Margulis. During his studies, he had master classes with Walter Levin (LaSalle Quartet), Andrzej Jasinsky (the teacher of Krystian Zimerman) and Vitaly Margulis and his son Jura (“Russian School”).


Due to his chamber music experience, he was hired as staff accompanist while still a student both in Germany and at UCLA. Daniel performed at various German music festivals (Schwetzingen, Freiburg, Plön) and has played with Pierre Boulez at the Lucerne Festival Academy 2007, a reward for his ambitions in 20th century music. In Los Angeles, he performed in Zipper Hall and LACMA where he played with artists such as Movses Pogossian, Antonio Lysy, Gary Gray, Diethelm Jonas and Angela Firkins. His concerts have been broadcast on both the German and American radio.


The technically interested pianist is his own recording engineer. He is also a passionate computer programmer and wrote a thesis about the ideas of the chaos theory and the fractal geometry in the music of György Ligeti for which he simulated experiments about chaos at the computer. This brought him into musicology; at the moment he is writing his D.M.A. dissertation with musicologists such as Robert Winter and Susan McClary.



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